What is a Weavy Strip?

A Weavy Strip is a drop-in UI that you add to your existing app or website with a small javascript snippet.

You may add multiple Strips if you like, but typically you start off with just one.

Each Weavy Strip is essentially a set of collaboration features in one, flexible package - task management, messaging, document collaboration, and more. Where you add your Weavy Strip(s) is entirely up to you.

Adding a Weavy Strip

Adding a Weavy Strip to your application or website is easy. Which option applies to you?

Configuring your Weavy Strip

After successfully adding a Weavy Strip you may want to tweak its configuration to make it look and behave the way you want it to. You may for example show or hide certain objects or even enable and disable core features.

Working with the Weavy Strip API

For even more control of your Weavy Strip you should have a look at the Weavy Strip javascript API.